I've never been involved in the real estate industry, but I do have quite a few friends that are, mainly in the commercial and construction side of things.

My family and myself relocated to the US a few years ago. I had recently completed a business transformation strategy for one of the oldest Hosiery manufacturers over there, at the time they were called 'The Hosiery Corporation of America' (HCA). These are the guys who were the original manufacturer and innovator of the 'Nylon Stockings' that allowed many a GI during WW2 to entice our innocent British ladies.

Having presented the 'transformation strategy' to the board they asked if would come on board to help deliver it, well, that's what I do so after a conversation with the real decision maker in our house, my Wife, we said yes.

My Wife started to research houses within a certain radius of the clients offices, the main difficulty was the plethora of 'Real Estate' agents online all with their adverts of the properties they had under management. Not bad place to start, and certainly a great way to get the process going, but also not very helpful as we found out.

One key thing missing was how do we find out the 'real deal' info about the agent, the area, the schools and other juicy stuff we needed to know?

Sure there was an awful lot of detail about the properties, location, descriptions of the property, number of bedrooms etc, and a little bit of functional knowledge about the area, trains, buses, airports, but still nothing about the 'real' things that make a house, well, a home.

Having struggled we were pointed in the direction of the CEO's 'Real Estate Agent' who turned out to be amazing, my Wife managed to ask all the questions, set up viewings, our agent even went the extra mile and organised meetings at various schools for our daughter who was 13 at the time.

Today we have a matured 'Social Media' space, we can interact with people who actually 'live' in the locale, anywhere in the world, we can get the good, bad, and downright ugly juice on what its really like to live there.

So I was delighted to come across this little gem of a research piece (link below) that's taken the time to offer some great advice, particualarly if you operate in this space, both domestically, and commercially.

"Using social networks in real estate helps boost your communication strategy - but how do you get there"?

The motto for a successful social strategy is "communicate". Which means :

  • Make your pages and profiles live every day;
  • Write, publish and share on a regular basis;
  • Use innovative tools offered by social media (photos, videos, Facebook Live, etc.);
  • Interact with your prospects and customers live via messaging tools;
  • Know how to change your tone (a Facebook profile is not meant to be too serious);
  • Rely on advertising campaigns (like Facebook Ads).

You already have everything you need to succeed in your social communication!

So, if you're business is in the construction, building, letting, and selling of commercial property understanding how 'Social Media' can really help lift your authenticity above the usual listings approach - Ask Me How!

We are active 'practitioners' of what we do, we already know and can evidence the ROI of a robust and internally aligned 'Social' strategy.

Part of that evidence it that you are reading this blog, just like many others - including your competitor!

We also don't do outbound pushy, salesy marketing, so if you would like to explore more, please contact the author of this blog.