Financial Services is a highly regulated market, it got a lot tighter after the financial crash of 2007. 

Lots of compliance rules around what can/can’t be said.

The sector spends an awful lot of time, resource & financial investment to tell us why we should ‘save with them’ - ‘invest with them’, ‘insure’ with them & of course ‘bank’ with them. 

Given the rise of the great new ‘Challenger banks’ Monzo Bank, Coconut, Tide etc you would think the traditional banks would be able to learn from their disruptors.

The clever new ones are using the power of ‘Social’ to get closer to potential customers, the outdated older ones seem to just use it as a crisis management tool.

So, I challenge any of my connections in Financial Services HSBC Nat West Barclays Cooperative Financial Services Aviva etc to  #AskmeHow you should be using ‘Social Selling’ (not advertising) to more effectively compete.