That's what you have on your Linkedin Headline Summary, and arguably it is the most important 120 characters you have on the internet. 

So why do so many people continue to go with the norm and go with their job title?

Back in the day, when Linkedin was in its infancy, everyone just copied and pasted their resume into their profile page, and then only updated it when they changed jobs. 

I was the same, I always had the latest job title in my headline.  It is the natural thing to do when you think that Linkedin is only used for job hunting.  

Having just a title in your headline may look impressive. I know, we all have worked hard to get the next new job, and want to share that promotion; but this is not a vanity project.  

When I started with Tim and Adam at Digital Leadership Associates, they challenged me to think about my headline.  Write a headline (and profile) that speaks to the "why" not the "what".

It's a challenging but enjoyable process.  Putting a job title in the headline is so much easier, but actually, we now know, an intriguing headline matters and differentiates you from everyone else.  It is the first part of the modern selling transformation we take all our clients on. 

Stepping away from being defined by your job on Linkedin is a seminal moment,  it sets you free from a mind-set that ties your professional identity to the company you work for, and that where you work is more important than what you do.

I encourage you to give it a go, and if you need some inspiration then connect with me on Linkedin.