You can't have a content strategy before you've used your content calendar for at least a couple of months.

Put it another way, in a recent role, my goal was to boost awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversion. Based on a heady mix of content, social and influencer marketing.

The trouble is you can't build a robust strategy without data. Sure, you can wrap your approach up in fluffy words, but until you get the numbers, this is snowflake strategy. Pretty to look at but liable to melt at before the week is out.

Put together a calendar. Audit the existing content (I did). Work out what can be quickly re-purposed and published. Reactivate your social channels, start distributing regularly, enthusiastically. Measure, measure, measure.

Week on week that calendar will start delivering data gold. Double down on what works. Chuck what doesn't. It took a good three months of non-stop effort to deliver the analytics to flesh out a full strategy. (And much coffee and kindness to our BI team).

The result? An all-guns-blazing strategy for 2019 with a clear sense of purpose. And the calendar? It's still there. Fine tuned and as dependable as ever. We couldn't have done it without you buddy.