We doubled traffic to our blog last year. We've even increased average page dwell time by about 33%.

Heck, we've now got a team of industrious authors searching for the most current, buzz-worthy topics you could think of.

But this is just skimming the surface. For our blog to perform it needs to do more than just pull readers in for five minutes or so.

Look at it another way. Would you build a landing page without a clear conversion call to action? That didn't trigger a journey through your website? That didn't offer the opportunity to purchase, subscribe or simply enter contact details.

Of course not. But today too many blogs leave visitors with little more than a welcome mat experience, instead of opening the door to the mansion. That door might as well be made of rubber if all it does is bounce your visitors off the page.

So where to start and what to measure? As I've mentioned before, great content is all about utility. And blogging is no exception. As this article points out. If you're not trying to move the needle on these KPIs, then what are you doing? Whatever it is, it sure ain't blogging. Have a read!