Your content theme? What the heck is that? Put simply your theme is the overarching story that you want to tell on behalf of the business. 

Start with your brand promise. What is it? How do you extrapolate from it a clear idea that will generate a thousand different attention grabbing stories for your audience?

Now, think about your storytellers. Who are they? Customers? Employees? Partners? And how do you make sure that their contribution links back to the content theme?

A good analogy is an orchestra. Different instruments explore many different melodies, but they're all derived from the theme. 

Tone of voice matters too. You need a variety of narrators, with a clear sense of identity. Again, make sure these contributors understand the theme and its purpose. 

Above all, put in place the process and reference documents that support the theme. Make sure all your team, content, marketing, the business at large follow this approach. 

The result? Harmonious, sophisticated content that hooks customers, business partners and new, talented co-workers. Start rehearsing now!