What I love about this article is that it starts from the premise that we were all aware of the deal from the start. 

Not to say that we read every line of the terms and conditions of every online service that we used. But that we knew we were trading personal information for unlimited access to Farmville and Candy Crush - amongst others.

What has changed is the way the data privacy narrative has shifted. Even the mirth-inducing Zuckerberg hearing last week won't prevent the lawmakers from legislating against the social and online titans.

This is the digital era's financial crisis. For 2008, read 2018. And when an industry invites legislation, as Zuckerberg did last week, you know it is coming.

As for Cambridge Analytica, it's the tip of a very large iceberg. I don't necessarily believe that it will lead to the downfall of Trump or a Brexit vote re-referendum.

But there is much, much more out there to be discovered, and that will change our perception of digital privacy forever.