I'm pretty cynical about research figures especially from people who are selling you something.  I'm sitting in a coffee shop in London called "Pret A Manager" and I'm sure if I asked a sample of 20 customers, they would say "Pret, Of course".  It doesn't make it the best coffee shop chain in London.

This article on Account Based Marketing is concerning.  It talks about and describes an ABM strategy, but then turns to "analogue" tactics.  A Campaign?

A campaign is a "spray and pray" relic from the 1990s.  The technology exists to day to research the back ground to the industry, account and the people.  To profile who are the decision makers and influencers.  You don't need a campaign, you can contact the person on social and get a meeting with them next week.  Why would you wait? I thought we had a quarter number to make?