It maybe a shock to some but digital transformation isn't going to come from IT or changing IT.  You don't digitally transform by moving everything to the cloud.

Digital is about attitude and a new way of thinking and that will come from your people.

Some companies think; right let's hire a bunch of Millennials, they will do the heavy lifting for us.  Sorry, they just fall in with your current analogue culture or leave.

Others nickle and dime.  We have just been approached to train people in a whole new way of working, we have 1 maybe 2 hours do it and there is no budget.  For a multi-billion turnover company, yes this is just a tick box exercise.

You digital transformation from, your board, understanding what needs to be done and giving clear vision and strategy.  I will know this as I will see this vision being explained by them on social media.  Not by the PR company but by them.

In parallel, there needs to be a "no employee left behind" program for people to understand that program and knowledge as to how they can take part.  Then fostering and nurturing the culture from there.  It's going to take time, but (I'm sorry to say) it will take budget too.