I wrote an article about Marketing departments being stuck in the 80s about a year ago after watching a number of organisations lead with "events", "emails", "white papers" which all told a similar story to the competition and treated people like a they lived in a non-internet world.  (There is a certain irony that the McKinsey report requires you to register :) )

Anyway so what?

The issue we have here is that the future of marketing can be if you want making your existing processes more efficient and I'm sure McKinsey want you to do that as it's what they are good at.

But that won't put you in the modern world.

Modern companies understand they need to be into social and that provides an incremental revenue growth, we see of 20 or 30 %.

So you can look at "linear campaign working" and "scale agile" or you can come into the real world, and work where your customers are today (not yesterday) in the world of social.

PS: Any grow your revenues and profits, now there's a thing!