Here at DLA Ignite, we have a weekly call where the team members can share anything, it can be issue, it can be successes.  Adam Gray and I have tied to create an open culture.

Anyway, one of the team members comes on and says he has a problem.  This team member is one of our "cold callers" that we have retrained in social selling.  The problem was this.

He is now getting 23 meetings a week, the team is averaging 11, don't forget this is all based on cold outreach, but using social selling and not a single cold call in sight.  Now imagine if they were cold calling they wouldn't get anywhere near that result.  

His problem is that he is at the point where he is having so many meetings he does not have time for the cold outreach, OR does he sacrifice the meetings to do more cold outreach?

What a great problem to have?

It would be interesting to hear how this social selling compares with your cold callers?

Objections not to social sell

One of the objections we often get is that cold callers are too busy leaving voicemails and sending spam to social sell.  Really?

Let's look at out cold calling vs social selling research

Here at DLA Ignite, we are always wanting to push forward the boundaries of sales, so we decided to put cold calling and it's results, head to head with social selling.

So we took a team of "cold callers" cross trained them on social selling and here are the results.

It's worth shouting out the team, Alex, Jordan and Jensen and they work for a company called Supero.

If you want to hear the team talk about it then watch our digital download here.

The results with cold calling

When the team were cold calling, this is before we trained them on social selling, they did whatever they could in terms of warming up the calls with emails or webinars and got about 2 calls a week.  As with any call, your job is to take the call to a next action, which might be a demo, discovery call and they averaged 0.3 of these calls.

The results for social selling

The team is averaging 11 calls per week, the week I am writing this blog, this week, they have got 24 meetings. And the amount of calls that go to a next action is 33.6%.

No spam and no automation!

This is NOT connect and pitch!

This is exponential growth!

Just think about scaling that across your organisation?

If Alex's team are achieving an average of 10 new conversations each week and a 37% conversion to a next step... if you have a team of 50 sales people that's 500 conversations per week (26,000 per year) with 185 follow-up calls per week. Forever!

With a win rate of 1 in 3.

With an average deal size of $100,000.

That's an additional ...... you do the maths. 

Now is the time you need to use social selling for cold outreach!

If you want more information, contact me, or contact the team at Supero, Alex, Jensen and Jordan.  

I guess, you’ll never win with a cold call if your competition is winning the relationship.

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