There are many things great about the British, our sense of humour, our sense of irony .... but there are also somethings which are annoying *smile* and one of those is our modesty. 

Get some amazing figures from an American and they are whooping and punching there air, get some amazing figures from a Brit and we whisper and expect everybody to see how amazing things are. Where as, of course, if you give somebody an opportunity to miss understand you they will.

Here at DLA Ignite we have a weekly training call for all our partners, this is where the global team get together and share the latest and greatest. Where we are delivering value for our clients and where we are pushing the innovating in the world of social media.

So how do we do in our social selling programs?

In fact a recent client has achieved a 14,330:1 ROI.

But what about cold outreach?

Here at DLA Ignite we tried an experiment.

From the 1st January 2023, our partner Supero and their team, Alex, Jensen and Jordan, implemented our social selling methodology and used it for cold outreach.  And we measured every step.

So what of the results?

From cold outreach we got a 6.7% conversation rate, (we have had up to 16% but this depends on the salesperson's network strength, similar to cold calling I guess, that depends on the data you are working to) but the massive news is that from that first call we got 37.5% of organisations agreeing to a next step.

No spam and no automation!

The improvement from a classic cold calling response of 1% to 6.7% is impressive

But to go from 1% to almost 40% - That's EXPONENTIAL GROWTH

Just think about scaling that across your organisation?

If Alex's team are achieving an average of 10 new conversations each week and a 37% conversion to a next step... if you have a team of 50 sales people that's 500 conversations per week (26,000 per year) with 185 follow-up calls per week. Forever!

With a win rate of 1 in 3.

With an average deal size of $100,000.

That's an additional ...... you do the maths. 

Now is the time you need to use social selling for cold outreach!

If you want more information, contact me, or contact the team at Supero, Alex, Jensen and Jordan.  

I guess, you’ll never win with a cold call if your competition is winning the relationship.

Want to know more about social selling, check out my new book

"social selling techniques to influence buyers and changemakers - 2nd edition".

In this brand new edition, I have updated all the text, I have also got 15 practitioners, so people who are doing this already to explain how they are get (practical) business benefit. From the CEO that has been running a digital business for over 18 months to sales leaders who use social selling every day.  

Articles on how these business have and are implementing digital, from Mercer, Telstra Purple, Ring Central, Cyberhawk, Namos, Ericsson, Crux Consulting, DLA Ignite and more.

What does Mark Schaefer, Marketing guru think of the book "social selling - techniques to influence buyers and changemakers - 2nd edition"? watch the video here

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