I've written a number of articles about CEOs being on social media and over time the number has crept up.

In fact, if your CEO is not on social media, your business has a problem.

It means your CEO does not understand the world and the way it works today.  Simple as.

This will have an impact to your employees (and their retainment), your future employees (you won't recruit them), your investors (you won't get them or they will leave) your customers (they will look elsewhere) your future customers (you will stop getting them).  It is THAT important.

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Let's look at the report, from FTI Consulting

OK I'm going to cheat, Damian Corbet who runs the LinkedIn group "the social C-suite" did an analysis and it's here

"For the first time ever, over half of all top CEOs (52%) in the UK, France and Germany are now engaging on social media!

The UK has seen the greatest increase over the past year, with 41% of FTSE 100 CEOs now posting regularly on at least one of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - a 15% increase since 2021.

France and Germany also have record numbers of CEOs actively engaging on social media, with 70% (+2%) of CAC 40 CEOs and 60% (+7%) of DAX 40 CEOs actively engaging.

The trend is even more pronounced among new CEOs. Across the three countries, 85% of newly appointed CEOs are actively engaging on at least one social media platform.

This is very encouraging news and supports other reports and data that suggest social media usage amongst senior leaders is only going one way. The UK - while usage is increasing the most - still has some way to go to catch up with France and Germany though.

This quote from the report is especially interesting:

"In recent years, platform algorithm changes and a degree of fatigue amongst audiences with uninspiring corporate content has led to it being increasingly difficult to achieve good levels of engagement with organic social media posts. Leadership engagement is an often-overlooked solution.

We know that CEO-shared content receives considerably higher engagement than content shared by brand channels, but also 82% of business leaders agree or strongly agree that there is a wider reward for the company if they have an active leader on social media.

Additionally, 85% of global business leaders state that stakeholder relationships are improved with an active leader on social media. Relationships with employees are most likely to be improved, with 91% of business leaders stating that social media engagement by a company leader will lead to an improvement in that relationship."

Download the full report free here: https://lnkd.in/deYJXtkk"

Where's the research that backs this up? - Edelman and LinkedIn's B2B thought leadership impact study, research here states that.

"64% of buyers say that an organization's thought-leadership content is a more trustworthy basis for assessing its capabilities and competency than its marketing materials and product sheets."

"63% of buyers also say that thought leadership provides proof that an organization genuinely understands or can solve your specific business challenges."