Trust has always been the basis on which we make decisions. 

It's the currency for sales and marketing today and will no doubt be no different in the post Covid future.

Consumer behavior and expectations have changed, and organisations must evolve to meet the changing needs of their customers. 

Those that don't adjust the business mindset are now paying a hefty price for 'business as usual'.

Today's socially savvy prospects and customers are checking out your 'social proof' as part of the 'trust' building process, not your website.

If your a company that spews out promotion after promotion messages, with 'paid advert' after another it seems that today's consumer is sending you a huge signal. 

Today they've been empowered to switch you off with their own tactics such as ad skipping, ad blocking, and good old GDPR.

Simply handing social media to the guy with the beard, or the girl with the tattoo in marketing doesn't really cut it today. Social media requires a strategy that sits across the entire business enterprise - WHY?

Because that's how today's social savvy consumer 'experiences' what you say you do which in turn is a significant factor in building and earning trust.

Every process and every interaction you have with a customer (and an employee) in today's socially savvy internet empowered world will either create trust or destroy it.

Every interaction you have in the sales, marketing, human resources process will create or destroy trust.

In the digital economy the customer has the right to opt-in as they do the right to opt-out.

We’re now living in an accelerated Covid-19 state of “digital disruption.” 

We consume more content today than at anytime in history, as a result, and in particular pre-Covid we we're exposed to circa 4k - 10k intrusive adverts every, single, day, as a result we simply struggle to avoid all forms of digital intrusion!

Without Zuck we wouldn't really have had the huge take up on social media, without LinkedIn morphing into a business network site, it would simply be a place to connect with people who can (fingers crossed) help us get a job.

Brands and retailers who don't take the time to better understand what a 'social strategy' can do as part of your transformation plans and as a key part of the operating model playbook in the 21st Century are not only losing out to their competitors who 'get it' they're also leaving significant revenues on the commerce table.

Tell me i'm wrong?