For many, (myself included) the daily grind of calling and calling, and emailing was second nature to me. Granted, many of us played a strategic sales role that when framed well, with structure and process, guide us towards a better approach through the sales process, prospecting and lead generation in the natural b2b space.

We research the market, gather insights through our understanding of sector challenges and work out a an idea or solution, based around said challenges and problems. Find a fit.

This has been the 101 in sales for a number of years. But we are in 2021 now.


The roles have been reversed now as we move into a digital b2b landscape and now the


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What do I mean?

Well in case you haven't noticed the b2b landscape has been moving further away from the above old methods for years.

Gartner, McKinsey, Forbes and Forrester all tell us that buyer motions keep changing

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But I didn’t notice.....

No, because all you have known is the old sales training that you stick to, even though it doesn't work like it used to. You have operated the same way in your sales, business development, operations or account management role for so long, you have not looked up.

All you see is about what you do. Not what people and businesses actually want or need.

You have been nurturing your accounts and relationships while adding to the pot now and then to win new business in your chosen sector.

COVID and the pandemic would have affected many businesses over the last 12 months.

Some would have survived, others would have not. That I cannot change.

But right now, you can be front and centre either as a business or as people who are the core of your business.

Buyers have changed, we as employees must engage where they want you to engage. On social platforms with insight, content and curiosity.

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  • How many years have you worked in a sector?
  • How long have you been in the same discipline?
  • How have you generated pipeline for all those years?
  • How many others do what you do?
  • How long have you been fighting the same battle against them?

 Now, once you have thought about it, let me take you down social street.


Being strategic on social, takes you out of the rat race and into a world of opportunity that you and your team can fully control. 

Social Business Transformation.


What do I mean?

Well if you are tired of pitching against the cold calling young guns, fresh out of sales 101 grad school, equipped with a hymn-sheet and a number, to start dialling…. How do you win?

You win by taking all your time, all your knowledge, all your business acumen and stories that you have had throughout your illustrious sales career and you start blasting all of them out of the water by creating and building content online and sharing this insight to your network.

They cannot touch you… they don’t have these stories.

You write content with purpose and influence with all your department.

Expertise and insights built up over the years from your team. You all collaborate on deciding what fits the weekly content plan. Everyone is involved and it becomes exciting analysing what works, what needs adjustment, what data we see, interactions are happening (from external businesses, and not all friends and pods and colleagues) which is good for engagement, we are suddenly showing up in search for X and Y as this flow of content is optimised and direct into the feed of Google.


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Buyers and prospects are looking for options, expertise and answers.

Get out of the same pool and get in the deep end with social. Dominate your sector.

Tell your stories, lay them out, pour your content onto your profile. Exciting eh.!

Understand now. You don’t have to sit in that lane.

And take anyone else that wants to join you. Across all departments.

Collaborating on the stories, the knowledge, the culture, the values, the spirit and expertise that cannot be bought in 101 school.


Strategic Social Selling gives you the chance to stand up and be counted. Full control. Business Transformation

Mindset shift, process alignment, strategic thinking, business transformation. Commercial conversations. As a team who moves into a whole new legacy of thinking and appealing in b2b transactions.


It is a great place to meet, connect, engage and have discussion.

Digital first.

Be you. Be social.

Ask me anything.