The surge in use of all manner of social platforms has been huge and well documented during this crisis. 

In addition, those working from home have had to adapt and learn new communications skills as we looked to move those previous 'must have' face to face meeting into the online video communications world.

Today I like many others have several Video conferencing Apps downloaded as company after company elect to use the one they favour the most, which is fine for them but a tad tiresome when prior to these calls I need to be able to download, set up and test them.

And just when I have mastered one I get asked to join a call on another one.

Video conferencing along with working from home isn't a new thing, it's been around for many businesses for sometime but it took this crisis for it to become mainstream. 

In today's socially savvy, digitally connected world potential clients, customers, and yes employees are checking out your company and it's incumbent employees across numerous social platforms. 

Unlike a few years ago when your website told people what you wanted them to know today people can do their own due diligence on your company, so it's probably not a bad thing that you have a greater understanding of the power of social media for something other marketing's use to 'advertise and promote' what it is your company does.

Not too long ago it was primarily the role of the marketing team, along with an external PR company who managed the brand/company reputation.

Fast forward to today and the role of brand/company management has more to do with cross functional departments, and none more so than HR teams working in correlation with Marketing, and dare I say it, other cross functional departments also.

If you want to attract, retain, and encourage fantastic employee advocacy then ignoring the fact that 3.8bn people are on social media around the world, (I have no doubt that you will be reading this blog on one of them) isn't really sound business sense is it?.

Perhaps this is a good time to think about upskilling your teams and developing a social media strategy because paid media tactics alone won't cut it in the new normal.