If your honest with yourself this crisis has made you think about things in a completely different way.

No doubt for me it's altered my perspective and priorities, and no matter how much we crave a return to 'normality' we all know the world changed forever in January 2020.

As businesses now look to work out their own version of returning to operational status, and millions of those people casualties are looking for work because companies and industries that had previously been around are no more. 

We're now spending more time on all manner of social platforms, and we now see the people and companies who took time out to better understand and invest in themselves by learning how to leverage social media for something other doing the day job to promote and advertise the corporate message.

We're seeing some amazing social media superstars surfacing that pre-crisis had been held back by the brand police. They are telling authentic stories that people can relate to, they're building new networks that might help them start their own business, or find that next elusive job.

So, What happens if your employees build their brand in a way that crowds out yours?

You've probably seen countless post and blogs all talking about why having a 'personal brand' is so vital on Social Media, in particular when it comes to business sites like LinkedIn.

What we can evidence and benchmark many times over is this training suddenly helps attendees in this crisis to leapfrog their peer group, and their counterparts in leadership teams with all the Superpowers and personal credibility that 'personal branding' delivers.

They suddenly become more relatable to future employers, and they are seen as the 'go to' person for potential clients wanting to better understand more about the company they work for.

This is based on the fact that our behaviour has changed from where it was a few years ago. Today social media affords us the chance to check out your company, it's employees, and yes, the leaders in those companies long before any direct contact is made.

And there you have it, analog leadership in a digital, socially savvy world.