Is Covid-19 possibly natures way of the earth showing us what it feels like when you struggle to breathe. 

Travel has slowed down at a rate not seen for multiple decades, people are social distancing and being confined indoors.

Business and countries are trying to find way for economies to survive, whilst governments are quite rightly focused on the human impact and health.

China is reporting clear blue skies in provinces previously unseen due to air pollution. Venice in Italy is reporting clear waters due to lack of cruise ship activity, everywhere we look we are seeing positive stories about the improvements in air quality and its benefit to the environment.

Is this is our worlds way of creating an opportunity for it to breathe again and get us to focus on how we continue to consume and abuse it's raw materials for temporal material gain?

Greta must have a huge smile on her face!

If you're in retail in any sector no amount of quantitative easing is going to get customers back to the high street or shopping mall, in particular when the overriding message from government and health officials is to create a mood of physical social isolation that 'could' last for 3-4 months at the very least.

Had your leadership team looked at one of the other global changes in human behaviour maybe they would be able to ride out this commercial storm better than most. 

They didn't, and now your sat at home trying to do your job but without your companies ability to continue to remain front of mind with huge spend on advertising.

As business revenues reduce it seems that the one trick pony of spending inordinate sums of cash on digital advertising is not going to be as freely available as it once was - another reason for business to wake up to 21st Century behaviour that's seen 3.8 billion people around the world utilise free to access and free to use social networks.

People are now spending more time at home, people are using that time to work online, visit social networks and have even more time to check out your social proof with relevant, authentic and engaging content. And they're still ignoring your spammy adverts!

The healthcare sector in my opinion has missed a huge moment opportunity to help create an environment where they could become relatable and authentic, both to the consumer and service sectors that are often the end user of their products. Globally they are huge employers and don't seem to want to leverage this immense asset. 

For many of them it's now a race to discover a vaccine that will curtail this crisis (until the next one) or find ways to sell even more stuff into already strapped distressed healthcare systems around the world, and from what I can see its still business as usual when it comes to social media - it's still all about them.

Every Healthcare solutions provider I've looked at seem to be stuck in the traditional 20th Century analog world of 'broadcasting and advertising', the problem is they think that because they have a presence on social media platforms, they're being 'social'.

This isn't being social, this is just your corporate adverts, dressed up as content and it's all about your products and services.

Being 'social' is about, well, being 'social', which requires that you don't dominate the conversation with stories about YOU! Its about getting involved in subject matters you have some expertise and interest in, its about engaging in those conversations, and above all its about LISTENING!!!!

Employee advocacy is not about regurgitating the corporate bible, its about leveraging the knowledge, experience, and expertise of your employees to communicate in an authentic manner. So, if your company had invested in upskilling and training people prior to this crisis in how to do this in a managed and highly effective way maybe, just maybe you would remain front of mind ahead of your competitor not only throughout this crisis but when we all come through the other side.

If you and your company would like to explore how I might help you better understand and deliver on these changes, along with ideas to help mitigate risk then by all means drop me a DM.