What happened?

It wasn't long ago when a table tennis table was all you needed.  Now we have that and more.  We can sit on bean bags and eat jelly beans all day, but is that really fulfilling? 

The workplace has changed.  Generations before us, read the newspaper on the train on the way into work and then slaved at typewriters and PCs.  We are all now mobile and are able to use our mobiles, apps, social media and all of the freedoms the internet and WiFi provides for us.

It does feel that while you are all nodding and saying I know this Tim, (Tim's the writer in case you didn't know) but have business processes really kept up?

If we think about how we find the top talent for our business, we still advertise, it might be on LinkedIn, but an advert nevertheless.  Or we use expensive recruiters.  The "point" of the recruiter was to find the best talent but do they really unlock the Passive Candidate?

The candidates that really want to work at your company, provide long term service and are the best performers?

If you want to get these people then read on.

First you need to have a clear purpose for the company.  This is not about having charity days, anybody can dig gardens and stand with buckets asking for money.

This is about having a clear set of values and beliefs that are cascaded through the business and everybody, even the bosses buy into.

We recently did a day workshop where we brainstormed our "why".  We have lot's of "what" but having a "why" which appeals to the "Limbic brain" is different.

Next you need to active your people to use social media.  When I mean activate, I'm talking about empowering them.  You don't get this through masterclasses and webinars.  That's where you tell people to do something and guess what?  They don't do it.

Talking to a CEO recently we asked him about his social media and he said, his staff were so happy to work there they were active on social telling people about the company.  They weren't'.  If you want people to do something, you have to communicate the new behaviour and give people permission.

Giving people permission, so empowering them is about getting them to believe they need to do this.  Again, this is all about Limbic brain.  They need to understand the change and feel empowered to do this for themselves.

Here at DLA Ignite, we get your team ready for this change.  They attend group classroom sessions as well as having one-to-one coaching sessions.  This means you don't activate one or two people, but everybody goes on the journey.  Nobody is left behind.

We will coaching you so your team have personal brands (it's easier than it sounds), have strong connected networks and have create content.  Then we don't walk away, we continue working with you so that the habits stay.

This will unlock the top talent for your business as your team engage and share on social media.  You will also get additional leads and meetings but that is a blog for another day.

But even better, you will have your employees talking, in their (authentic) voices about your beliefs and purpose.  So while you will get the best people, social will support your marketing, you will be able to change the world at the same time.