If you don't know Kate she is a florist https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-lister-flower-design/ based in Gimsby and a LinkedIn wonder.

She provides the following advice

"I bang on RELENTLESSLY on here about my 'rule' that  before you post an update I'd suggest you should first comment on FIVE (more is great) other updates in your newsfeed... But do you realise the POWER the right thought-out comment can have? 

I've left a few comments over the last month or so where the comment I've posted has had numerous 'likes' on it ...  46 'likes' on one particular thread.  

And no;  I'm not saying that merely getting 'likes' on a comment will bring you lots more business.... but what it does is make people visit your profile. 

When people visit your profile because your content has interested them they invariably press 'connect'. 

When people connect they see more of your content.

When people see more of your content they start to know, like and trust you.

When people start to know, like and trust you they may be converted to 'buyers'. 

Stop with the mindset that posting your own updates is the only way to gain visibility for your brand or service. T

he comments you sprinkle around Linkydink can be HUGELY beneficial.  

Please remember ; this is NOT Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. Put your megaphone away and get involved in daily conversations and watch as people happily pop over to view your profile to see more.

Try it, friends."