The guys who introduced the world to digital TV boxes that allowed us to to manually skip adverts are launching an automated function this year that will allow you to 'automate' skipping ads on certain programs.

Tivo this year (I think others will follow) are looking to roll the limited functionality to existing DVR's, it's limited to certain programs but for me its yet another step closer to companies listening about how shit the user experience is when we're bombarded with those intrusive ads, many of which used to be confined to an actual ad break are now popping up 'in-screen' whilst we're trying to consume our favourite show, or sports games.

So, probably good news for you and me, hopefully not so good for ad tech land where the forecast of $100 billion in ad tech fraud is set to rise by 2023 with most of that growth coming from those smart TV's and DVR's that's already sat in numerous households around the world.

With ad blockers now being deployed by 1 in 4 people is this just yet another nail in ad tech's intrusive, fraudulent digital coffin?

So, how do you stay front of mind with your brand when all about you in digital advertising land is falling apart, and the landscape to get you're message across is diminishing on a daily basis. 

How about thinking in terms of engaging, entertaining, storytelling via 'Content Discovery' - this is something that puts the audience in the driving seat, it can increase dwell time, and if more effort was put into creativity you might just find that we (audiences) might just be prepared to 'listen' to you what you say.

But all that relies on you moving away from the 'advertise and promote' thinking that continues to turn us off in our millions.

There is an alternative way - ask this author of this blog what that is.