According to this article, Cold Calling has never gone out of style.  Well, I agree, if your style is the 1980's along with power suits and shoulder pads.  

In today's B2B sales environment where the buying group contains up to 10 people, even a well researched call, has less chance of success than the non darts player on the 1980's show Bullseye. 

"Now have a look what you could have won"  If only the buyer hadn't ignored your call, or diverted you to voice mail for the umpteenth time. 

How many times are you going to attempt to get through before your target person picks up the phone, and then just on the off chance, wants to actually listen to you put them on the spot there and then.  You might  have more chance wining the star prize on "Wheel of Fortune" 

If you are happy to continue with re-runs of the 1980's with only 3 channels to choose from then that's fine. 

However, beware,  your competitors have moved to the digital world. They connect with 100's of business contacts weekly, their combined posts achieve thousands of views, keeping them in the forefront of their prospect and clients' minds.  This leads to online conversations, that quickly are taken off line to become a productive sales meetings.  

Modern selling is moving organisations forward at a rapid pace, in tune with their buyers desires to research and consume content in their own time.  

If you are still stuck in the  legacy world of  VHS recordings of the 1980's shows like "One Foot in the Grave"  then perhaps it's time to switch; unless you are a bit of a Victor Meldew, but then.....

"I don't believe it"