I don't know about you but I use my phone constantly, I am aware of how much I use it because each week it lets me know what my usage has been.

Now that's a great feature, along with the 'Block this Caller' function, and as a result I'm more conscious around how much time I spend looking at 'things' on my phone, so when I see a clearly 'biased' piece of research (link below) around 'mobile marketing' and how the research has looked at how we use our phones in order to better understand how to 'intrude' I do wonder whether or not the people who commission these 'insights' ever think, "hang on, I have a phone and intrusive ads really piss me off".

Mobile phone use has overtaken desktop in relation to everyday activities, and not surprisingly using the phone to actually make a call is way down the list, so as we've transferred our attention to this device its not surprising that the ad world wants to get a slice of our attention. 

The whole advertising experience on mobile is quite frankly shit, I use my phone like most other people I know to stay connected with business and family activities, combine that with the growing use of free to use communication tools like 'Messenger, Whatsapp' etc we're making even less of those calls via the paid celluar network, and its not going away - if you want to know how to get something for free go and speak to Generation Z.

But do you know where I spend most of time when I'm on my phone, yes Social Networks, with LinkedIn being the one I spend most of my time on, followed closely by Twitter, then Instaglam, and less likely these days FaceBook.

The evidence is clear to me, if you want to get a share of my attention, I'm here on social media everyday......

So, instead of finding ways to promote your ads that assume I have a thumb the size of an ant to turn off that 'x' in the corner from your intrusive ad, why not spend some of that fraud ridden ad budget and create something I might actually be interested in engaging with, something that creates a conversation, and something that shows me your genuinely listening to me.