This article reads like the horse racing tips section on Radio 4's Today programme, but hopefully they will be more successful.  However, I believe, this tip list is missing the stand out favourite, "Social Selling". 

This horse has a great pedigree of industry expertise and market knowledge, but has been hidden in the stables, whilst her direct marketing cousins stole the limelight. Some of them have now fallen foul of the new rules from GDPR and have been banned for life.  Others still keep riding by entering as many races as they can manage either spamming or cold calling; but 99% of the time they fall at the first.  Flogging a dead horse anyone? 

Our horse "Social Selling" has the world at its fingertips, can enter any conversation, by adding interesting, knowledge content, that will place it head and shoulders above the other corporate runners.  Like any new ride, you need to learn to handle it, slowly at first but as you gather confidence, there is no stopping where this mount will take you. 

So our top tip, is to take ownership over your own brand, personalise your content, inform and educate your audience through engaging on Social everyday.