If you haven't been following "The Internet Apologises" articles in the The New York Magazine, you should start now.

The interview with Dan McComas, the former senior vice-president for product of Reddit, is especially honest and hard-hitting. 

I can't claim to have got my head around a definition of free speech in the age of Pizzagate and Jailbait, but to borrow a phrase, "something should be done".

The trouble, according to McComas, is that it's too late for Reddit and Twitter to roll back the tide because anti-social and obscene behaviours have been normalised on these platforms. 

Or in other words, instead of jumping out of our skin when a troll pokes his head up from under the bridge, we pass with a sigh and a casual, "As you were". 

There are kinder words for Facebook. But little encouragement for anyone seeking to put one over these Goliaths of the social world:

"It takes a lot of engineering, it takes a lot of human power, it takes a lot of marketing and PR power, and it’s just an expensive process and it takes a long time. It’s really hard to get a network effect going. It would take years."

Do read the full article.