So, Sales Navigator is taking a big leap forwards. If you are in sales and have not heard of Sales Navigator, then you must be hiding on a rock, or not on social.

If you are Sales Director and have not equipped your sales team with Sales Navigator, you are seriously hampering their ability to map the market, automate lead generation, drive account based intelligence and get warm introductions. If you have not seen it in action before, follow this link .

I have been using Sales Navigator since it first came to market, I have been through every iteration of it. In my view it is the best lead generation and account management tool in the B2B market.  I led the first ever social selling programme in the commercial real estate sector using Sales Navigator. In it's first full year, with 150 users, we generated half a million in net new business and generated a pipe of £4.9million. This is without sales people. 

With their SNAP programme and MRS with Microsoft, the platform is truly growing up as a CRM in it's own right. Seeing the developments that Microsoft are building into their 365 environment, with Linkedin data, they are moving the needle in terms of relationship mapping & relationship sales. Tools such as their AI powered Social Selling assistant, is brilliant. Layered with their Social Engagement Tool, this will uncover opportunities & relationships on social. This is no longer finger in the air guess work, or gut assumptions. This is based on data. And lots of it. Powered by Azure and their AI & Machine Learning capability. I think no longer cuts it.

There is a "but" here though. Your sales teams, your marketing teams, in fact, your business, needs to understand social. I don't mean LOL Cat social (google it) I mean how you embed social into your behaviours and culture to drive far deeper relationships with your clients.

As a Microsoft Social Selling Partner, this is what we do. Digital Leadership Associates lives and breathes Social, we focus on your People to help them understand how to get the best out of these incredibly powerful tools. 

If you are a Dynamics 365 client, MRS client, Sales Navigator client, or considering any of these tools, we would love to talk. Connect with me, Tim or Adam - let us open up your network and relationships in a way you wouldn't have even thought possible.