While this article dives into the fact that IT is the saviour of Digital Transformation. (Wrong).  It will help, but won't solve

"A common challenge is that individuals feel that one’s own business is safe even though one recognizes that digital disruption is generally happening. This is true even in situations that do not involve a “flawed perception of protected.” The business book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson revolves around a similar scenario – in which one mouse keeps going back to the location where he initially found cheese, even long after it’s clear that there is no more cheese in that location."

We often hear this; "We are different.", "Our Industry won't be disrupted", "Yes but our customers are over 40", "You Industry cannot be disrupted", "We had XYZ consultants in here and they said just change the IT" and "our customers are not on social".  These are all comments that have been said to us in the last 14 months.

If you take the case of Amazon, they became the number one book seller in the world, only to disrupt that by inventing the Kindle.  Why?  Because if they hadn't somebody else will.

It's hyper-competitive out there and I can assure you, somebody somewhere is planning to take you out!