I have been given a label, not that I felt I needed one, but apparently we all need to be labelled. I am a Xennial! Are you? If you were born in a 7 year window between 1977 & 1983, this means you are in the Club. The first rule of the Xennial Club is that you don't talk about the Xennial Club. Only joking. 

Whilst all this labelling annoys me, I at least resonate with what is being said - my Linkedin profile summary says the same thing about my being able to bridge the analog & digital gap, whilst sprinkled with a healthy dose of cynicism. 

Back to Boomers, Gen X & Millenials. Myself and my colleagues have proven time again, age is but a number when it comes to social. It is a mindset shift and behaviour change. For some, agreed, this is more of a leap than for others, but it can be done. I Have worked with alleged social savvy millenials who are anything but this in their B2B corporate role. Inversely I am booking meetings with Board level execs via twitter who are boomers. 

Whilst it is great to be in that narrow window of the pre-internet era, if we keep putting labels and assumptions on people, as an organisation your cultural and behavioral shift to social is already failing.