This is a great read which was shared by Marco Comastri . Having left the corporate world and having the freedom to think for myself and also not be managed as it were, all of the points in this piece resonate with me. Summary as follows taken from the full article :


Managers will need to recognise that technology is here and it is going to continue to shape our lives. It will provide data insight they never had before, but also digital natives will also expect technology to be used as a management tool. Managers are going to have to upskill.


The best managers will look at the overarching need, and then build and develop a team to meet that need—with input from the team—instead of dictating what the team needs.


Effective managers are going to have to be as good at evaluating candidates and employees for soft skills as they are for technical skills


Effective managers will create environments that focus less on where and how people work, but which measure success based on results and output.


As teams become more disparate with contractors, consultants, remote employees, and office-based employees working together, managers are going to need to learn how to build culture in nontraditional environments.


Being effective at building cultures in nontraditional teams will require new levels of transparency and communication.


People with high EQ tend to have greater empathy, allowing managers to gain greater perspective and evaluate what isn’t working within their teams, because they can see the situation from others’ point of view.

The above is taken from the full article - it makes for really interesting reading. I would argue that every single person who is in a management role, or thinking of moving into a management role should read this.