Interesting article based on a McKinsey report that tales about that industries are 40% digitised but the pace of change is accelerating.

I think at this point we should stop and say "yes of course McKinsey is going to say that".

But let's be honest here, we are seeing the rate of change increase.  Look how the iPhone gets an upgrade every year (it used to be every 18 months), the way that new apps seem to appear every day, plus a long list of new technologies AI, Machine Learning.  All of which as business leaders we need to know about and have a view on.

My concern is that all this talk is about digital transformation.  Digital is IT / computers.  So what about the people and the process?  Do we not matter?

This all seems inward focused and "technical".   It's strange to think that replacing a legacy IT system with something in the "cloud" is digital transformation.  If I replace a car, which is afterall a box on wheels which allows us to get from A to B.

It creates me no additional business benefit (maybe a small reduction in cost and a better UX.

That isn't transformation!