I am typing this, but having read this, soon I will be dictating all my blogs and thoughts to either my phone, laptop or smart home hub. I know this can be done now, but it is still a bit clunky.

I am already forcing myself to start talking to Cortana and Siri - note the word forcing - it still feels weird for me, but for future generations, it will be completely normal. My 2 year old daughter talks to Grand Dad's Alexia as if it is completely normal, until she does not play the nursery rhyme in question. She saw Grand Dad speak to Alexia once. I have to admit, I do find myself talking back to Ingrid, my ageing Sat Nav in our german built car - but she doesn't talk back - the only thing in my life that doesn't. 

B2B is slowly waking up to voice with the rise of voice in CRM - look at Chorus & Vyntelligence for starters. I am actually looking forward to voice in LinkedIn, as I spend much of my time manipulating the data in Sales Navigator, I would feel comfortable talking to her - yes, I see LinkedIn as a her. 

I am not surprised by the below stat - Comscore believes that close to 51% of all search will be voice driven by 2020.

Why is this critical for B2B - because if you have no or a weak digital presence, you will have zero chance of being found.

It's time to not only find your voice, but to get engaged with social.