If you don't follow Simon Kemp then you should.  Simon (with We are Social and Hootsuite) compile quarterly the growth of internet and social media usage globally.

I know often in the "first world" we often think that everybody is on social and in fact social growth has slowed down, this is not the case and in fact quite the opposite.

For example did you know in August 2017 there is now 8 Million people on the internet, that is more people than not on the internet.  In the last quarter, so the last 3 months, 121 million people have joined social.  That is 17 people a second. 

This is interesting in the world of digital marketing.  Why?  With Ad blocker usage growing at 30% year on year, the return from email marketing and PPC reducing.  You are now more likely to get struck by lightning than click on a link, that the only growth metric is social.

I wonder what we can learn from this? Food for thought perhaps?