There is much debate at the moment about AI and will it or wont be the end of humanity - so I will leave that to Elon & Mark to discuss.  I am interested in how it is going to impact sales and the role of the sales person.

As the stated in this article, this is all about augmenting the sales person and giving them more time to engage and interact with their customers and not get sucked into the time consuming non-money making activities. Not only must this be a positive thing, it will also start to surface data & insight which will help sales people, managers, directors and CROs (Chief Revenue Officers) make more meaningful decisions; I see this working a particularly well in coaching the sales team on where improvments can be made - think Dave Brailsford's marginal gains for the British Cycling team.

I for one, am all for it - these are some interesting businesses who are playing in this space to supercharge the CRM & Sales Person :

Einstein in Salesforce