Just read Adam's (co-Founder of DLA's) blog and he talks about a common dilemma we see.

"Do we invest in cold calling or buy a social selling program?"

So while everybody knows that cold calling is less and less effective and you actually annoy people when you cold call them people still spend budget on it.  Why?

In my experience people "flip flop" with their demand generation.  Take September. People get back from holiday, there has been no pipeline.  So money is thrown at a telesales agency in the hope of getting some leads.  Or we can blame the telesales agency.

What about if we do something different this year?

We break away from the feast and famine and build a culture of continued demand generation, within the sales team?


No  Simples!  Teach them how to social sell.

When your sales team is enabled they will continually find and get leads through social.

Food for thought maybe?