We like content, in fact when it's the right stuff we love content, Game of Thrones (never seen it BTW), Peaky Blinders (superb), all kinds of sport Cup (mens and womens) and many others keep us glued to the big screen.

YouTube has redefined the term user generated content, and even Zuck's looking to get in on the action - but it all relies on intrusive advertising, and this is what they are gambling on for their future.

When you think about watching stuff on the TV what comes to mind, do you think about the biggest screen in the house, or do you think about watching stuff from different devices, or as is possible today, watching stuff on the big screen from another device?

Despite what you might read the TV in one way or another is here to stay, sure it's moved on from a central point for the family to gather around, with those annoying ad breaks we all get up to put the kettle on whilst they play out, but it's still a pretty big medium for brands to get close to us the viewer.

“Social media and content discovery will play an even more important role in marketing post-COVID-19, as many retailers and other sectors are slashing marketing budgets to preserve cash in order to cope with the crisis, especially those that previously relied on traditional forms of marketing such as television and billboard adverts,” 

What if there was a way to get audiences more involved in the content they're consuming, what if this was a fun, interactive and immersive experience and eventually lead to a shared commercial relationship?

Is there an alternative? Can we get past this moment of fragmentation to create something that serves everyone’s greater interests?

Many companies like Sky+ recognise the changes in our behaviour, as we now look to binge watch Box Sets, or catch up with our favourite show, they tell us they can now target us with intrusive adverts with even greater precision than ever before.

But what if you don’t have that budget or resource to drive more intrusive advertising?

How about simply sharing what you know by empowering employees to become influencers of your brand?

Of course you need to build this as part of a company wide strategic plan ensuring your up skilling the teams involved.