When you think about what you do when consuming content it might help if you step back and think 'maybe others do what I do'.

I came across this really interesting infographic that took a snapshot in early April 2020 around the generational consumption of content across digital and analog channels.

Recent studies have documented a situation in which a little more than 10 percent of consumers who make purchases on the Internet trust advertising, while the opinion of friends from social networks for almost 80 percent is decisive when choosing a particular offer.

When I talk to the C-Suite, one of the questions I ask is for them to tell me what the last 3 adverts they saw on social media were about, and what they did after they saw them - now I know this is a rhetorical question, but each and every time the answer is the same 'We can't remember the ads, so of course we did nothing'.

We then ask them why they think other people would behave any different than them........

So, if you had this visual view would it, or should it help direct your content strategy?