The biggest ‘influencers’ of your brand should be it’s leadership team - FACT.

So as fiscal management is yet again top of the agenda now is the time for them to think about how they might remain 'front of mind' when the TV ad budget is no more, the online ad tech is no longer affordable, and the marketing resource has been reduced even further because operating at the lowest level of cost isn't a long term strategy.

Let’s look at how they could/should use ‘Social Media' as a highly effective program to drive brand attribution, at the lowest cost, creating the biggest reach, and the most potent and authentic ‘influencer’ campaign EVER.

It’s called an internally aligned ‘Social Strategy' and its cost don't increase as your reach and engagement aspirations do on 'paid media'.

How can this be you might ask, what do you mean I don't have to pay for this?

Go with me, this is for example only.

Company has an average of 50 employees (know they have more) , includes ALL areas of the company, and I mean everyone.

Each employee has an average of 500 connections on LinkedIn.

You encourage them how to write (subject matter) content, stories & conversations that reflect your company & brand (all in their own style) including all relevant keywords that are important to ‘why’ you do what you do.

Make sure they are NOT selling - influencers don't sell - they INFLUENCE!

Get them (including you and your board) to do that (consistently) twice a week each month for 6 months.

Your bit - {leadership required}

1st level influencer reach = 600,000

Imagine if they then interacted with comments, conversations & made new connections which grew that network even bigger?

Finally, make sure you have enough people to answer all the pre-qualified ‘inbound sales enquiries’.