If you didn't hear

"Preparations for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics have been thrown into further turmoil after the show’s director was sacked over a joke about the Holocaust he made in the late 1990s.

Kentaro Kobayashi, a popular entertainer, was dismissed after a video clip resurfaced online of a skit in which he joked about a game he called “let’s play massacre the Jews”, prompting laughter in the audience."

We also recently had the English Cricket team thrown into turmoil because of what they had written on social media.  I wrote about this here

I wrote

"If you missed the news story, a number of English Cricket players got caught saying sexist and racist things on their social media accounts. It doesn’t matter it was years ago and that these players were only 15, but that’s it, guilty.

So what do the English Rugby team know that the cricketers don’t?

Simple. They train their team, from the youth team upwards about how to use social media."

What have you done to vet the social media of that new CEO, sales Director hire?