The reason to hire a CMO is usually because you’ve got a big strategic problem to solve, you need to drive growth and become more innovative, or reposition the brand. 

Prior to this crisis what we saw was the opposite to this, and now businesses are scratching their heads trying to work out how they adjust to the new 'Why'.

I think we can all agree that we're all just making it up as we go along, including governments and the elected politicians - Getting through this crisis that is.

As we consume our daily updates on how our governments are handling this crisis we expect them to become consummate experts in strategy, solutions, tactics, and communications.

Stating the blindingly obvious every business has been transformed by Covid.

I'm a brand and business transformation expert. That's not a boast, it's not an ego trip it's a well earned fact. 

With the exception of Covid time after time I see that rapid decline in business transformation is a result of external forces being ignored, or delayed to fit with the internal narrative and balance sheet.

One of the biggest frustrations I have as a 'change and growth agent' is that often I've been called into work with companies and leadership teams when the problem has become a basket case. 

Without a doubt this crisis has now accelerated that inevitable process for many, and created unforeseen opportunity for others.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, diversity of thought in marketing teams could prove to be a secret weapon.

Understanding how different people are experiencing the outbreak and the place they see for brands in their lives will help businesses carve out a position that is relevant and resilient during the crisis and beyond.

What about when we look to emerge from this craziness, we still don't know how long it will go on for, we really don't know how to best manage the business challenges to help grow our businesses.

I personally think that now is the time for businesses to take a look at some seasoned marketeers. These are the ones who were at the forefront of 21st Century retail growth, including brand strategies, and product/service innovation which included eCommerce. 

All this long before the shady lazy world of programmatic advertising turned marketing departments and CMO's into the communications department.

Companies who thought they had years to transform have just had a very nasty wake up call.

The seemingly mismatch between a board simply needing execution of an existing strategy (more of the same please) yet hiring for growth tends to be at the heart of the CMO turnstile.

The Covid crisis has accelerated the need for businesses that dithered before to become increasingly digital. Covid has proven to be the transformation accelerator, and now growth is firmly front and centre of the leadership teams priorities.

With a veritable goldmine of genuine marketing talent and experience behind them in the global market perhaps it's a time of renaissance for the skills and experience of the so called veteran CMO.

So, does this crisis now set the scene for the C-Suite to let the CMO get back to what they're supposed to do which is to focus on growth, innovation, and product development - not just the corporate bullhorn?