At the end of this Podcast (34:45) ServiceNow’s Vice-President of Marketing for EMEA Rhiannon Prothero says (and they are talking about what B2B Marketers should be doing in the current Covid19 environment).

She says something very important, that all brands should hear in the current crisis ....

I think there is something about creating an environment internally. …. My focus has been on, doing it differently. We don’t have an option, but to do it differently. So let’s start as a baseline we are going to do it (marketing) differently and provide the environment then for taking risks. Trying things. Accepting a percentage of these things won’t work.  Where as pre-covid19 there was less appetite for risk ….. take the risk, have a go, it might work, it might not.  But we will learn something from and move on. 

As part of your comms strategy internally, you need to be providing the space for absolute creativity and risk taking and to build a culture around that. I think will be the enduring thing out of the other side …” 

What do you think?