I like this list produced in the Entrepreneur Magazine the other day, it chimes with our coaching on what to and not do on our most used social platform.  

Linkedin is the social network for professionals, to exchange ideas and network across the globe.  If that's your objective for the platform, it's probably worth being aware of the most common sins that may lower your engagement. 

1. Spamming strangers.  Does anyone sign up to a social network to be spammed, it's like walking into the pub, and everyone wants to be your friend, with the ulterior motive that they want to sell you something. You'd ignore them, which is what you should do on Linkedin. 

2. Expecting too much.No one owes you their time. There are plenty of people who are willing to help those they don't know, but that number considerably and quickly diminishes when you approach someone in a way that shows that you feel entitled to their time or expertise.

3. Being too needy. Yes, you probably want to meet the person you have connected with, but just because they haven't started a conversation with you online the moment that you have connected, don't keep hounding them. Leave it, post some content, share it with them, comment on their posts, and over time meeting will seem the most natural thing to do.

Linkedin is a brilliant network of 650 million people, but treat them all with respect, stay humble, and be helpful.

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