As the drive to automate and digitise the workplace continues unabated it seems to be helping drive down cost for business but at what cost to the consumer?

At this time of the year (festive season) whilst we are trying to stay focused on the day job yet also being teased with the festive fun and family get togethers that the Christmas season brings, we are also constantly reminded of the 'key trends' we should keep an eye on for the coming year. Below is a selection of even more.

One of the key things that jumped out for me is the view that companies seem to have gone too far in the automation process and as a result have lost that 'human' touch.

Nothing is more frustrating than the multi-choice options when dialling up for help on a product or service. 

Post Christmas time is when all multi-channel retailers really make or break their year. 

With consumer returns for online fashion retailers running at 40%+ not only is it an extremely time consuming and cost laden part of the 'customer service' element of the brand, but for many it can undo all the great stuff celebrated in the run up to the festive season.

How 'human' is your relationship with the consumer?