I remember in my school days being pressured to wear the right shoes, shirts, trainers etc. We then get into the workplace and unless you're in a job that requires a uniform the pressure is also there.  

Adidas has become the latest retailer to launch a trade-in programme offering shoppers gift cards and loyalty points for their old clothes.

“Infinite Play” has been launched in partnership with StuffStr and allows UK customers to exchange any Adidas items they have purchased over the past five years.

Although Adidas will accept items in any condition, the package sent must have an estimated minimum value of £20.

Up-cycling and recycling is in its own way becoming a movement, I was once involved in a company that bought - refurbished - and sold your old media, and today your old tech, believe me it's a lucrative sector if you can get it right, but for planet earth is it still just kicking the can further down the road?.

Brands that still use social media as place to plug that next fashion buy by advertising and promoting themselves can also use the same platform to help with business transition, along with getting involved in the climate debate and helping to re-educate the 'on demand' generation.

To continue in this (excuse the pun) fashion requires a radical re-think from all retail companies, which should be focused on not just getting the upfront sale over the line e.g. 'recruit and forget', but how they can get involved in managing the 'after sale' opportunity for up-cycling, and recycling, they can do this by thinking about the collaborative downward supply chain with a 'recruit and nurture' mindset.