It's hard to keep track of the best articles about content these days. 

The whole things gone a bit meta. I mean how do you make your content *about* content stand out in a crowded field?

Step forward the team at Buffer who are pretty sharp when it comes to writing on the topics of content and social media. 

The article below is no exception, explaining why less is more when it comes to writing captions. 

When I coach copywriters I remind them constantly that a sentence can be as short as one word. Two or three words? Just as effective. 

I call these short sentences sign posts. The most familiar of all is your headline. A short statement at the start of your article that grabs the attention and gives the reader a good idea of the content that follows.

But throughout your copy you need to give people a sense of direction. Use sub-heads to steer the reader towards the argument in your next paragraph.

The paragraph itself? Always start with a short sentence. Think of it as the paragraph headline. 

Formatting helps too. Bold sub-heads, bullets and plenty of paragraph breaks. They all add rhythm to your copy and draw the reader into the dance. 

Check out the rest of the article, especially the comparison between copywriting and singing. It was music to my ears. It will be to yours as well.