Hands up, how many of you can't wait for the 'Skip Ad' button to arrive on YouTube, how many of you put the kettle on, or leave the room during an Ad break, and how many of you actually pay for an 'Ad Free' experience?

From the research we see the answer is quite a lot of us do all of the above on a regular basis, and we do this because when we elected to watch that video or TV show we didn't really think "I hope I get to see some intrusive ads".

The article in the link below is Google's attempt at trying to help video advertisers better understand how they might create video adverts that people are less inclined to skip.

Let me remind you that Google are the owners of YouTube, and as ad revenues on the parent platform decline (they have also introduced their own Ad Blocker onto Chrome) the cynic in me says that this is Google's way of saying that 'Content Discovery' creates a longer, and more immersive experience, and the longer someone is on your content, it gives you (the advertiser) more opportunity to 'interrupt' us with adverts. 

There is also the view that people who are skipping those adverts are actually doing the advertiser as favour, because they aren't really interested in your ad anyway, and your not paying for clicks - WTF!!!