Let's be clear. SEO keywords still matter. Getting your H1s and your H2s aligned still matters. 

But content is increasingly dominated and shaped by social. 

Content managers get very excited about this and go nuts on social media. But too many assert that this is a zero sum game where social sharing and engagement trumps website quality. It doesn't

One thing's for sure. If your blog and your wider website suck at SEO, no amount of social media content will gloss over the problem.

Why? Google doesn't just reward sharing. It rewards consistent user journeys. Excite your audience on social and drive them to a dead end website, or make a promise that is broken on your landing page, and you can kiss your SEO score goodbye.

So get active on social. Make people part of your SEO strategy. Give them content that is genuinely useful and shareable. But for heaven's sake, make sure the journey from channel to landing page is crystal clear with equally transparent opportunities for action. Over to you.