My business partner Tim Hughes sent me the following article the other day asking me to make comment on it.

As the title suggests, it asks the question “why do consumers click on paid search ads.” So, does it answer this question? Well if you get an answer from surveying 506 people and expect it to give you insights in to how people behave in an environment where the average paid search clickthrough from Google is 193.2 million per day I can’t help feeling that this is not a particularly diligent piece of research. Yes, I know that 76 is the number of responses for the data to be statistically sound but a 1 in 382000 sample really doesn’t seem that representative to me.

The long and short of this is that irrespective of what percentage of people click ads for what motivation...most people don't click ads. Ever. So the challenge for your business is probably not how you optimise your ads, but more how you access the 94% that you won't reach with ads.

I wrote a more extended version of this here on the DLA blog - why not check that out too!