It still crops up in conversation. "We need more video". Variations include: "Our competitors use video a lot", and "My nephew doesn't watch TV any more, he watches online video. Why aren't we on YouTube?".

Honestly, such statements are the equivalent of telling a copywriter, "We need more writing". Think of all the differences in structure, format, channel, and tone of voice that exist when we talk about copy. Exactly the same applies to video.

For example. There's a yawning gap between Facebook Live and a broadcast quality YouTube video. From the equipment you use, to the authors, to the channels you use to attract an audience.

There's a lot more of course. How frequently should you post? Should you recruit your influencers and your customers as producers or participants? Work with an external production team or nurture the talent in-house?

This article is too short to give all the answers, but like so many content marketing challenges the answer lies with your audience. Which channels do they prefer? What formats do they consume? How long is is their viewing attention span? 

And as the article below explains, your LinkedIn audience has very specific requirements. And with LinkedIn giving more and more support to video, especially for promotional work, it's vital that businesses adapt their video to all their clients, from Instagramming millennials to CEOs.  Get shooting now!