Let's get this out of the way.

You get a message, like this one on social, it isn't social selling its spam.

And it's the worst of spam, the person has done no research, I have nothing to do with data architecture and "James" signs the message off as "Matt".

You cannot sink much lower and in sales, maybe this gets a response, I have to admit that people who send these sort of posts, much have such a low expectation in sales and life.

Where as, did you see the post from my business partner, Adam Gray yesterday, where he talked about one of our clients who has an ROI of 10,000 to 1.

That means you give me $1 and I will give to back $10,000.

Let me just say that again, imagine a world where you give me $1 and I give you $10,000 and for every $1 you give me, I give you $10,000.  You could keep re-investing the $10,000 I give you.

How do we do this, through social selling, not spamming.  It's the DLA Ignite methodology so you cannot go to any "expert" and get this sort of return.

After all not all social selling programs are the same.

Adam says

"To give you some context, his client’s usual sales cycle is 12-24 months and they usually convert about 50% of pipeline to sales.

We’ve been working with them for about 5 months and so far they have created £1,000,000 in pipeline…which is great. But in addition to that they have closed £500,000…and they are forecasting a transformational size of deal (£500,000,000)."

So not only have they a ROI of 10,00:1 but we have cut their sales cycle in half. 

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