Just started reading, “Fusion” by Denise Lee Yohn, she makes a great observation of the world today, that is spot on: -

Customers are more savvy today. They see advertising rhetoric for what it is, and they no longer accept brands at face value. They are skeptical about the claims companies make. 

They want authenticity-brands that live up to their promises and stated ideals. But most companies simply slap "authenticity" on their list of brand attributes and try to engage customers superficially via social media to appear more humane or relatable. 

These efforts to create a more authentic brand image rarely convince customers. People don't want brands to appear authentic, they want brands to demonstrate that they actually are authentic in the way they operate and the customer experiences they deliver. 

By aligning and integrating your culture and brand, you truly are on the inside what you say you are on the outside and you pass the customer test of brand authenticity.”

Now I know what you are thinking.

Yes we would love to have an authentic brand you say, but you have bills to pay, rent to pay, employees to pay, quarterly numbers to make. I can hear you saying. 

That’s why you need to wake up to the world of digital.

Over achieve the pipeline, growth and revenue targets you need to achieve and be authentic at the same time. 

We cannot have all our employees on social I hear you say:-

Back to “Fusion” by Denise Lee Yohn

Your culture should produce unity, not uniformity, within your workforce. You want to set up your organization to operate in a particular, but not necessarily predictable, fashion. Your approach should be to lay down guardrails that prescribe boundaries, not tracks that dictate behavior. 

But you absolutely can and should set the conditions to cultivate an organizational culture that deeply influences the way your employees perform daily.”

This is all about setting your culture by being digital, while at the same time crushing your number!

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